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Workshop on Psychology of Weight Loss

When our blood glucose level drops, a need for food is detected by the brain. We all have a set point to which our body weight tends to return more or less by making adjustments in food intake and energy expenditure. This set point is not just biologically determined but also psychologically affected.

A lot of people tend to think it is genetic but it can be managed with proper lifestyle changes and guidance.

How will the workshop help you?

You will learn interventions to help make lasting changes in both your behaviour and thinking.

This interactive workshop presents a step-by-step approach to learn specific skills and help them implement these skills every day.

You will learn how to set goals, develop realistic expectations, motivate yourself daily, reduce fear of hunger, manage cravings, use alternate strategies to cope with negative emotion, and self-compassion.

You’ll learn what to do when you have dysfunctional beliefs related to discouragement, and disappointment—and thoughts that undermine your motivation and sense of self-efficacy.

Acceptance techniques will help you come to grips with the necessity of making permanent changes and maintaining a realistic, not an “ideal” weight that they can sustain for their lifetime.


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  • Resource material
  • Coupon worth Rs.5000* on Fit Pro plan
  • Certificate

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