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I was able to workout all fives days last week and it really made me healthy and fit. My stamina has increased and I am seeing a marked decrease in the fat in my love handles. My recovery rate is quite good and working out in the morning leaves me feeling upbeat and energetic through the day. I’m really enjoying the workout regimen.


I have been following the diet and workouts properly since 4 weeks now, there’s a major change I saw in the measurements which I didn’t expect soon. I was so foodie before that I couldn’t resist eating outside food or sometimes proper junk and now whenever I am hungry, I feel of eating handful of nuts which is best change happened which never have I ever thought in dreams would happen. Definitely there’s a lot of flexibility and a bit of strength I see in these no. of days while workout as my resting period as reduced in between exercises. Also, I see change in my skin texture as it has improved a lot.


So far, I am extremely enjoying and satisfied with my new journey of being fit! I look forward everyday to get more energy and stay fit! All thanks to ZKF team for inspiring and pushing me beyond my limits! Thanks to you!


Changes observed in 2 weeks

Increased stamina, Tightness in skin, feel more active, mild increase in strength especially upper body, I feel I am able to use more of my body than just carrying it as a burden.

Megha Changes observed in 2 weeks

When I started your dieting and online training its more helpful for me. I am feeling very nice, I have lost my 2.2 kgs within 1 month. I am very much happy for that. Now I literally feel I will definitely achieve my goal wight. Thank you very much.


It’s been great training under ZKF so far. I have been noticing some extraordinary results in my body. These results are due to great concern which is shown by the trainers towards me. It’s been almost a month now and I am gaining muscle mass as well as I’m burning fat. The workout and the diet given by the trainers are very good and effective. I am very grateful that I started my transformation under ZKF.


Before purchasing ZKF’s services I was afraid that how they going to manage it with online help bcoz I am not from Mumbai but after starting the journey I can tell you that the support, motivation and results which I got from ZKF was unbelievable. My journey with ZKF started in April 2020 with its one-month lockdown plan which I followed for 2 to 3 months and lost 9 to 10 kgs at that time and after that I started my 100 days program from 4th January and already lost 2 kgs in January and right now I am also feeling very well and much more confident and I definitely would recommend it to others as well also. I liked the services so much because of the smooth workout and diet plan and the availability for your customers. Thank you so much for all this.


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