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Let’s admit all of us have gained that extra layer of fat on that already flabby tummy in this lockdown!

It’s high time to take some action, but who wants to do that long hours of cardio and sweat like that buff dude in the gym who is always on the treadmill, on top of that only some of us have weights at home to workout with.

We have good news here!

What if I tell you, that you need only your body and nothing else to loose that tire around your belly?

Sounds great right? Let’s hop into it then.

We will discuss 5 points that will help you get your tummy to flatten.


1.     Do 100 ab crunches every day – OK STOP! You have to understand that there is nothing like spot fat reduction. You can never loose fat from a single spot or part of your body you desire of. When you loose fat it is from the entire body and not from a single spot or area. And doing those weird ab exercises every day won’t help you to loose any fat but will surely drain you out of energy.

      Like any other exercise, abdominal exercises will help you make your core stronger, but it       doesn’t do any good in losing fat.

Then should I do ab exercises or not? – Of course, yes! As it helps to build the core muscles and make them stronger.

Do not perform these exercises every day as your muscles need time to recover. Apparently, muscles take 5 – 7 days to recover fully from the breakdown that is done while exercising depending upon the nutrition and recovery.

Once in a week training abs is ideal according to me.


2.     Keep a check on what enters your mouth – This is important as being at home for 90% of the time in this lockdown craves you to eat whatever you feel like, you need to keep a check on it.

Let us understand the calorie game. It is simple math, the number of calories you eat (Calories come from the food we eat) should be equal to the number of calories you use to do any sort of work in the entire day to have a stable weight. But since our activity levels are down in this period and there is no limit of how much calories we are eating the extra calories tend to get stored in the body. Your body stores extra calories in the body for future use just in case you are short of food.

Guess what? These extra calories are stored in the body in the form of fat. Yes, now you understand why that tummy is bulging day by day.

Unfortunately, in men, the abdominal area is the first one to store the fat and the last one to lose it when it comes to fat loss. In women the case is slightly different, they tend to store the fat on thighs and glutes first.


3.     How to monitor? – Now I don’t suggest to weigh and count everything you eat as those gym-rats do. Include whole-grain food. Complex carbs and a sufficient amount of protein in your meals. Avoid eating simple carbohydrates as much as you can. Break your meals into smaller portions rather than eating 2 times a day until the tummy is about to burst. Ideally, eat 4 – 5 smaller portions of meals every sitting so that you have a constant supply of energy and you don’t tend to store those extra unused calories.


4.     What to eat? – what are carbohydrates and protein you say? I will explain. Carbs provide you energy and protein help your muscles to recover from the breakdown you did while exercising. Good Fats are important as well as they provide a protective cover to your important internal organs. Also, they are good for your heart and your overall health. Good fats help you to lower the risk of heart stroke. Fats also act as carriers for the vitamins. They also provide you energy in times when you stop eating enough carbohydrates.

Below is a list of good and bad sources of protein, fats, and carbohydrates.

  • Good Carbohydrates to include in your diet:

Whole fruits, brown rice, whole wheat, oats, whole grain bread, Sweet potatoes….


  • Carbohydrates to avoid:

White Bread, white rice, some fruits (Banana, Raisins, Mango), Pasta, Sugar, Chips, and chocolates…


  • Protein-rich food to include:

NON-VEG options: Chicken breast, eggs, white meat, white fish…

VEG option: Paneer, Lentils, Green Peas, Kidney beans (Rajma), Soya, Tofu


  • Good fats to eat:

Avocados, cheese, egg yolk, Nuts, Fatty fish, Chia seeds, peanut butter.


5.        Finally, and most important EXERCISE: It’s time to get out of that couch now.

Exercise helps you to lose those extra calories you just ate after lunch as a dessert!

There are enough bodyweight exercises you can perform to get your body in shape.

We are listing some exercises you can do to get your body toned.


  • Bodyweight exercises to do at home:

Squats, lunges, sumo squats, pushups, pull-ups, chin-ups, triceps dips.


  • Some cardio exercise:

Skipping, brisk walks, sprint, HIIT training, etc.

See you next time with those abs popping out!  



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