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Here are a few other FAQs, we get a lot:

Is this program both for men and women?

Yes, it is a training program which can be optimized by both male and females. Since it is customized and personalized plan it will be made as per your preferences and lifestyle.

Are workout videos available?

Yes, you will get 7500+ HD workout videos on our app which will help you perform exercises in correct form and avoid injuries.

For how long my course will be available?

Since our body keeps on changing and our needs keep on changing plan will be available as long as you are subscribed to the plan.

How many times I can use the program in the given period of time?

You will have access to our Personal App and you can use it whenever you want

I have never done any workout. Will I able to do the given exercises?

For beginners level programs the exercises are completely different from all other programs. We will be guiding and helping you throughout your training program so that you can understand what exactly you are doing and for what purpose.

I am not a beginner neither advance level will this be helpful for me?

Yes, the plan is made as per your goal and requirement so whatever is your goal we shall make sure that you achieve it.

Do you provide diet plans as well?

Yes, 100% you will receive not just a diet plan but a personalized diet plan. You will be required to fill your details in the app and you will receive your diet plan.

Do you have any guarantee that the plan will work?

We have 100% money back guarantee if you don’t get any positive results even after following the plan you get your 100% money back. We have trained over 1700+ clients and we did not get even a single client who did not get any positive result after following the plan.

How does the money back guarantee work?

You did not gain or lose weight in a week or two. Real results need at least 12 weeks to be seen. We have 100% money back guarantee on plan duration of 12 weeks and above. Our personalized app has feature where you can log in your daily workout and nutrition. If you have followed the plan and enter data in app for at least 22 days per month for at least 12 weeks and still you don’t get any positive results you get your money back.

We hope you are here to achieve your fitness goals and not just to do monetary transactions of sending and receiving payments :) We shall make sure you are motivated throughout the journey and achieve your fitness goals.

What does your workout plan include?

Completely personalised workout plan that can be home/ gym or other form you prefer. It will have detailed notes, sets, reps and rest period, tempo.

Who can join a ZKF Training Program?

Anyone who has internet-access can join the ZKF Online Training Program. We have trained over 1700+ clients from all over the world with age range of 15-55 years. It does not matter where you are located. You will receive your personalized diet/training plan via our app that is available on Android play store and iOs app store. We shall be constantly connected with our in app chat, and calls.

What happens after I purchase an Online Training Program?

Once you purchase your ZKF Online Training Programs you need to send screenshot of payment to +91 8803691111 on WhatsApp. You will receive a questionnaire in which you need to fill in your basic details like age weight height. You need to send 3 pictures of your current body condition to help us make workout and diet plan as per your requirement and current body fat%. Once done plan will be delivered on app within 24 hrs.

Will I receive support during my Online Training Program?

You will receive constant support and motivation via app and weekly calls as and when required throughout our journey together. If you have any doubt, query or concern, no matter how big or small, please feel free to ask we are always there for you.

How will my Diet Plan be personalised for me?

Your personalised diet plan will be built based on your current body condition, lifestyle, body fat %, preferences and goals. We will calculate the macronutrient requirements for your body and create a diet plan that's specific to your lifestyle. So, the more information you share with me, the more personalised we can make your plan.

Do I need a gym membership to follow the Workout Plan?

You just need dedication to follow the pla. We can desing home workouts, calesthenics, sports performance or any other mode of fitness you want with or without equipments.

I signed up for ZKF Online Training, but do not wish to continue. Can I get a refund?

ZKF does not currently offer any kind of exchange or refunds. In case if you cannot continue with the plan right now you can resume your plan later.

What are my payment options?

You can pay via Bank Transfer, PayTm, Google Pay, Western Union and Pay Pal, credit and debit cards. If you have any queries please message us on whatsapp +91 8803691111.

Can I have a cheat meal?

A secret that is not told by many fitness professionals is that cheat meals are important while dieting so that your digestive tract is comfortable with changes even when you don’t get diet food.

Will Zaid Sir train me or his team?

We have a 10-member team which includes, nutritionist, trainers, psychologist, customer service representatives, etc. to make sure you get best service and achieve desired results. Zaid Sir will be designing your plans and coordinating with you along with the team.

Is the trainer certified?

Yes, your plan will be designed by ISSA certified Nutritionist and trainer. Please visit about us to check the certificates and know more about the trainer.