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Frequently Asked Questions

What does your workout plan include?

Completely personalised workout plan, complete with detailed notes, sets, reps and rest period, meals, mental health care, counselling sessions, motivation, and guaranteed results.

Who can join an ZKF Online Training Program?

Anyone who has internet-access can join the ZKF Online Training Program. It does not matter where you are located. You will receive your diet/training plan online, and you there will be constant communication and support via our App and calls.

What happens after I purchase an ZKF Online Training Program?

Once you purchase your ZKF Online Training Programs you need to send screenshot of payment to 8803691111 on WhatsApp
You will receive a questionnaire in which you need to fill in your basic details like age weight height. You need to send 3 pictures of your current body condition to help us make workout and diet plan as per your requirement. We shall call you for a lifestyle call where our expert trainers will understand your lifestyle and daily habits which will help us design customized plan for you.
Once done plan will be delivered on our App within 24-48 hrs.

Will I receive support during my ZKF Online Training Program?

You will receive constant support and motivation via our app and calls throughout our journey together. If you have any doubt, query or concern, no matter how big or small, please do not hesitate to ask us.

How will my ZKF Diet Plan be personalised for me?

Your personalised diet plan will be built based on your current body condition, lifestyle, preferences and goals. We will calculate the macronutrient requirements for your body and create a diet plan that’s specific to your lifestyle. So, the more information you share with me, the more personalised I can make your plan. The plan is super personalized you can let us know if you are going out for party or travelling and we shall help you with it.

Do I need a gym membership to follow the ZKF Workout Plan?

No. You need not have a gym membership. I can design your workout plan so that you can exercise at home or outdoors without the need of any special equipment.

Do I need to take any supplements or performance boosters to achieve my fitness goals?

Your diet plan is going to be completely natural. Any inclusion of supplements is completely optional. I do not promote the usage of any kind of performance boosters, and you will not be required to take these to achieve your fitness goals. I do, however, highly recommend the usage of Whey Protein supplements. Nonetheless, if you are not comfortable taking these, I can exclude them from your diet plan.

Is the workout plan too intense?

No. Your workout plan will be based on your body’s current capabilities. I’ll update the plan as per your progress.

I signed up for ZKF Online Training, but do not wish to continue. Can I get a refund?

You signed up because you wanted results and that’s what we are gonna give you. In case if you cannot continue with the plan right now you can resume your plan later. We don’t have refund policy, but we have 100% money back guarantee if you don’t get any results even after following the plan.

How does 100% money back guarantee work?

Our app has daily diet and workout tracking feature. You need to select it after you follow your diet and workout for at least 66 days in 3 months. If you don’t get any positive change wrt. Weight, Fat%, Strength, Stamina, body Measurements, Mental health aspects, etc. Your complete fees will be refunded. (ps. We have never had any complain of not getting results even after following the plan from over 2000+ existing clients of ours 😊)

What are my payment options?

You can pay via Bank Transfer, Paytm, Google Pay, Western Union and Pay Pal.
Once website starts Copy of bill will be automatically sent to your email id and you can pay via any credit or debit card.

Can I have a cheat meal?

As a part of your ZKF Diet plan, you are entitled to more than just a cheat meal; you get a full cheat day once a week! On your cheat day, there are no limitations on what you can eat, and that includes desserts!

How many clients have you trained till date?

We have trained over 2000+ clients from over 18 countries.
Zaid Khan also trains celebrities.

Are you a certified trainer?

Yes, Zaid Khan is a certified Elite Trainer and Nutritionist from ISSA (International Sports and Science Association. USA) it’s one of the best institutes in the world. He has following certificates.
Certified Elite Trainer
Certified Nutritionist
Certified Personal Trainer
Certified Genetics Based Program Designer
Certified Nutritionist and Trainer from INFS (Institute of Nutrition and Fitness Science).

Social Proof?

Zaid Khan has 106,000+ Instagram followers, 112,000+ Facebook likes, Website and you can search about us on google too.

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If you have any doubts or queries just fill in the form or message us on whatsapp at +91 8803691111 we are here to help you