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What exactly is immunity:

        The Wikipedia definition says “In biology, immunity is the balanced state of multicellular organisms having adequate biological defenses to fight infection, disease, or other unwanted biological invasion, while having adequate tolerance to avoid allergy, and autoimmune diseases.”

        Basically, in lay man’s language the power of bacteria inside you to fight with infections and external unwanted bacteria to save you from becoming unhealthy.

Let’s understand how to improve and how to avoid the immune system from deteriorating.

        You will be surprised to know that the idea of boosting your immunity is exciting, but the ability to do so has proved elusive for several reasons.

        Unfortunately, till now there are no scientifically proven direct connection between lifestyle and enhanced immune functioning.

        But that does not mean there are no effects of lifestyle on your immune system, reason being your lifestyle might be a reason your immune system is deteriorating.

Immunity in action. A healthy immune system can possibly defeat attacking pathogens as shown below, where two bacteria that cause gonorrhea are no match for the large phagocyte, called a neutrophil, that engulfs and kills them.

Photo’s courtesy of Michael N. Starnbach, Ph.D., Harvard Medical School

Photo’s courtesy of Michael N. Starnbach, Ph.D., Harvard Medical School

Ways to regain your immune strength:

  1. Quit smoking: – Abandoning smoking improves increases oxygen levels, circulation, all of which helps your immune system to make a comeback, so it’s becomes easier to fight the bacteria and germs.


  1. Consume a healthy diet: – Various studies have proven that various fruits and vegetables provide important vitamins and minerals which help in boosting your immune system.

vitamin E, C, D, zinc and beta-carotene help in boosting up the immune system.


  1. Exercise: – moderate training and exercise can prove a booster to immune system. However, too prolonged and too intensive training and exercise link to immune dysfunction, inflammation, oxidative stress, and muscle damage.


  1. Get enough sleep: – While you sleep, your immune system releases proteins termed as cytokines. Certain cytokines need to shoot up when you have an infection or inflammation, or when you are stressed. Sleep deprivation may decrease production of this important protein.


  1. And the important step that we all know but are not interested practicing, washing hand, maintaining a good hygiene and cooking food thoroughly: – C’mon you do not need any explanation on this.





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